Virtual Events

With our founder Dr. Levry, Giving Naam held Zoom events during the global pandemic to unite the international community. Of special note was the 2020 Love Heals campaign that closed out May’s Mental Health Awareness Month.


Online Studio

Giving Naam opened its online studio to serve people around the world with daily livestream classes and prayers, as well as weekly Naamathons (meditation marathons) and Masterclasses.


Global Meditations

At the onset of Covid, Giving Naam organized global meditations with a Naam practice designed by our founder Dr. Levry. Thousands of people carried these forward through the pandemic.


Global Gathering 300,000

Giving Naam is the producer and organizer of the Global Gatherings for Peace and Healing, which offer Naam to all of humanity for free. An estimated 300,000 people attended in 2017 via livestream and in-person at the historic Zocalo Square in Mexico City.


Global Gathering 100,000

An estimated 100,000 people attended the 2015 Global Gathering for Peace and Healing in Mexico City, both in-person and via livestream.


Global Gathering 21,000

An estimated 21,000 people attended the 2014 Global Gathering for Peace and Healing at the Angel of Independence Monument in Mexico City.


Global Gathering 15,000

An estimated 15,000 people attended the 2012 Global Gathering for Peace and Healing at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City.


Global Gathering 12,000

An estimated 12,000 people attended the 2011 Global Gathering for Peace and Healing at Zocalo Square in Mexico City.


Community Outreach

Giving Naam provided over 3,800 free Naam classes to more than 20,300 people in Los Angeles to support different populations in need, including organizations for addiction recovery, seniors, at-risk youth, and also prison facilities and homeless shelters.


Naam Los Angeles

Our 7000 sq ft headquarters opened offering the largest weekly Masterclass of its kind in Santa Monica. The studio became an international hub for trainings and courses. From 2011-2020, almost 50,000 classes were held with an estimated 1 million people.


Naam in Hospitals

Giving Naam partnered with hospitals in the New York area, including St. Vincent’s, to share uplifting classes full of movement, meditation, and breathwork for adults and children being treated for various conditions.


Naam Kids Program

An after school program called “Adventures in Yoga” was launched for children in New York City focusing on enhancing creativity and memory building.


Naam New York

The original studio, Universal Force Healing Center, opened June 21, 2001 in the the Flatiron District, quickly becoming an international hub for learning, training and personal transformation and an oasis for peace and healing, notably after the 9/11 attacks.